Service case—— 2008-09 NFL Chinese college flag football league and fiesta
l  As the most famous and successful sport league in north America, even all over the world, NFL land on China since 2003, but find it unaccustomed during brand expand.
l  Since 2008, NFL China decided to adjust develop strategy. Focus on male which age from 18 to 30, firstly establish 50 students’ club in the college which is located in Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou. Establish college and social flag football league. Carry out road show, fiesta and other interactive entertainment in college, bar, market of these three cities. Publicize these activities through website and TV.
Client’s demand:
l  Attract male of Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou who age from 18-30.
l  Show NFL weekly game trough TV and website, let more and more Chinese know and understand American football.
l  Establish flag football students’ club in more than 50 colleges like Tsinghua University, SHTU, Guangzhou University which are located in Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou.
u  The students’ club recruits members and team players, hold weekly activity about football theme lecture, football English, the movie night of football movie. These activities not only enrich students after-school life, but also help student understand football rule and history.
u  Cooperate with campus media, publicize players recruitment and other activities on campus framedia and bbs.
u  Establish college flag football league in these schools. The champion of every city will take part in college bowl.
l  Hold road show and Fiesta activities in college, mall and bar, elevate NFL brand awareness. Through registering on-the-spot and online, recruit flag football team player from society.
u  Fiesta: fan can play kinds of inflatable facilities on football theme, wear protective device and enjoy clash charm of football.
u  Road show: the representatives of cheerleaders from America or China show fans with spicy dance. During the show, fans can enjoy beer, dance show and wonder game.
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