company profile
   The founder Adam Zhang established Key-solution sports Consultant Company on August 8th, 2007. KS dedicate to become the top sports strategy consultant organization and thinker and leader of Chinese sports market.
   KS has been in service of Chinese basketball association, CBA league, China open, NFL, CUBA and so many other sports event brand, and built up insights of Chinese sports, and set up brand reputation and industry influence power.
    In 2010, based on market present situation and the direction of company’s future development, we design to establish Key-solution sports marketing organization, including four business divisions: key solution (sports consultant division), key media (sports PR division), key power (campus and experience marketing division), key train (teenage sports education division).
Company culture and value
   For ourselves: KS believes that sports have the power to change the world, this is not just a pretty declaration. KS will prove it when we service client, and it is also the core culture basic of Key-solution sports marketing organization.
   For employee: KS concentrate on becoming the leader of sport consultant area. KS will attract talent with different majors and culture backgrounds, and hold together with company concept.  
    For clients: KS want to be a top sports service provider and focus on this area forever. With creative mode of thinking and human spirit, upholding professional belief in new concerns and new explorations, KS will grow together with clients in sports area.
For humankind: As providing services of sports consultant, planning and implement, KS will expect improving our social influence and be get valuable payoff. But the ultimate goal of KS is to discover origin of sports, and work in the interests of humanity by sports creative methods.
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